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Conference agenda

The schedule will be updated in the coming months. Please check back for the latest updates. For any further enquiries about the agenda, please contact


Registration, breakfast coffee, exhibition, networking & 1-1 meetings




Achieving climate neutrality by 2050:  European Commission’s path towards climate-neutral data centers


Staying ahead of the curve: Tracking global data center energy demand


From data centers to AI factories: Building sustainable infrastructures to support future growth


How can data centers support the electric grid in a boost to global renewable energy and sustainability initiatives?


Rethinking the data center and designing towards circularity


Coffee break, exhibition, networking & 1-1 meetings


Towards net zero: Mapping out Scope 3 emissions from data center operations


How AI and automation make data center operations greener and more sustainable


The big cooling shift: mapping the road towards water-cooled AI


Heat reuse: Lessons learnt from the world’s biggest data center heat reuse case


Energy resiliency and the future of power supply in Denmark


Lunch break,  exhibition, networking & 1-1 meetings


Tech Talk: The sustainable data center of the future 

Kurt Vahlun Sørensen, Managing Director, Coromatic A/S


Tech Talk: “EC+”  world’s` most energy efficient cooling solution for data centers

Speakers: Daniel Wiesenfeller, Global Key Accounts,  Danfoss & John Jørgensen, Director, Global Sales, Novenco Building & Industry


Keynote: Future of data center energy demand- trends and challenges in global data center energy use and why efficiency gains are not enough

Eric Masanet, Head, Industrial Sustainability Analysis Lab, Institute for Sustainability & Energy, UC Santa Barbara


Plenary panel: The big “power” debate; keeping up with next generation IT infrastructure

  • What is the future energy consumption look like?

  • What impact will cloud, 5g and the “Internet of Sense” (virtual reality) have on energy demand in the next 5 years given the absorption during the pandemic?

  • How can we ensure sustainability and energy efficiency of the electrification of our society? what does it mean for sustainability and renewable energy sourcing?

  • Renewable energy and the decarbonising of the grid vs. fossil fuel drivers?

  • Standardised metrics on emissions?

Moderator: Tomas Rahkonen, Research Director, Uptime Institute


George Kamiya, Digital/Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency

Jesper Koch, Analysechef, Danish District Heating

Peder Bank, Managing Director, Nordics, Interxion, A Digital Realty Company

Luke Davies, Head of Strategy, GlobalConnect A/S


Keynote: Green IT procurement in the public sector and the demands on data centers

Frederik Nøhr Brünner, Special Consultant, Danish Agency for Digitisation 


Plenary panel: How is speed-to-market transforming sustainable data center design and construction globally?

Moderator: Thomas Volder, Chairman, Danish Data Center Industry

Amy Daniell, Senior Director - Hyperscale Design & Build, NTT Global Data Centers

Brian Conroy, Group Technical Director, Moy

Stephen Griffin,  Director, Arup

Rasmus Brandt, Associate Project Director, Data Centers & Industry, COWI


Networking drinks


End of conference


Data Centers Denmark

17 May 2022  Mariott Copenhagen

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Ingen kommende events lige nu
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